Fast-Help 4.4

Produce Help menus and manuals with ease

Fast-Help is a Windows Help File Generator that is incredibly intuitive and productive. Why spend your valuable time on steep learning curves with other products when you can create a fully functional help file in under One Minute with Fast-Help? Then all you have to do is type in the help text. The software has a loyal customer base that range from independant developers to companies like, NASA, General Motors, 3M and Motorola.

The application allows you to create:

  • HtmlHelp (.CHM)
  • WinHelp (.HLP)
  • Website Help
  • Printable Manuals
  • MS Word Manuals
  • PDF
  • PocketPC Help

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Fast-Help 4.4

User reviews about Fast-Help

  • by Anonymous

    I loved the One Min Challenge.
    I liked the slick interface, but the thing that hit me straight away was that wit...   More